Oota Box is a Home Cooked Food Delivery service, food pooling among a network of 1k+ homes and a community of talented chefs & bingers. Our services are live in Bangalore and other cities.

How it works

Select a city & area

Select a city & area to view available dishes

Order from a chef crafted menu

Order or schedule ahead, from a Chef Crafted Menu

Food from chefs kitchen, delivered

Food from the chef’s kitchen will be delivered to your doorstep









Get started by creating a request for home cooked food. e.g: A dish you like, a lunch subscription package or a party order.





What we bring to the table

How does Oota Box work as an online homemade food delivery service?

Oota Box was started in 2017 as a home-cooked meals delivery service. We have partnered with home-makers who love to cook & serve. The food is prepared in their very own houses, they put in all the effort to make the food fresh, hot, healthy & hygienic, and we deliver their efforts to you in a neatly packed meal box.

It starts of with users selecting their city and area, to view available dishes listed by home chefs. Users then have an option to pre-order for dishes of choice or place a request in-case they don’t find what they are looking for. Food from the home chef is picked up and delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

With so many food delivery services what makes our home cooked meals delivery service different?

With so many apps, food delivery apps for a restaurant meal. Home cooked meals have gained popularity when compared to local restaurant food, while the food is prepared from varied home makers spread across the city.

Unlike chefs in a restaurant, where a dish or a meal is generalised for its entire customer base. Home makers from Oota Box can adjust the tastes of the dishes as per individual preferences. Customizations and providing certain specialities of food makes our food platform different from other apps.

Ex: Food restrains for a particular allergy, special diet oriented meal, Oil-less dishes, Foods with and without carbohydrates, Diet foods, Gluten free foods and various other specialities as per individual requirements.

Enhanced convenience towards ordering food has itself changed, where the days of ordering for a single meal have long been passed. Customers have a diverse range of choosing subscriptions based for a prefered week or a month. Pertaining to lower and effective meal costs for the customers.

Who can benefit from our homemade meal delivery service?

Meal delivery and preparing the meal itself benefits the homemakers at the first place. Whilehot & healthy homemade food is a rejoice for bachelors, elderly people who are unable to prepare food, working professionals and for people who are running home late from work but still want to spend some quality time with their family while enjoying a happy meal with their family.

Our Meal delivery services can guarantee you the ultimate convenience you need especially when you are too busy to prep or prepare a meal. Whether it is a breakfast, lunch or dinner, even snacks included.

Unlike a restaurant meal, a home meal offers varieties of delicacies to try for each individuals and for people suffering from diabetics and hypertension. It allows people who are busy to have a tasty and a healthy, hygienicmeal, giving them a free mind to get distracted from their health problems. Being busy should not be the reason to consume a unhealthy meal. A home delivery meal can provide you with a fluent menu of delicious and savoury dishes.