Oota Box is building a network of people who would love to cook at home. Users on Oota Box purchase a meal based on their requirement, the closest chef receives the order.

Based on the order received, the chef only needs to increase the quantity of whats already being cooked at their residence. Additionally you can also list your specialties. 

If you’re a person who always aspired to be an entrepreneur, here’s your chance. Put your cooking skills to good use and earn from the comfort of your home by getting on-board with us. Remember, there’s only one condition to come on-board with us, “Healthy food & Hygiene is a must”.

Chef’s FAQ

 How it works:

  1. Register with Oota Box
  2. Get verified.
  3. Start Earning.

Click here to register as a chef on Oota Box.


What is Oota Box?
Oota Box is a Home Cooked Food Delivery service, food pooling among a network of 1k+ homes, office food delivery, well-documented kitchens and a community of talented chefs & bingers.


What can a registered chef do on Oota Box?
A chef can list dishes for purchase & receive custom requests in their respective city and area


How can a chef choose the dishes / menu?
You can create a list of products that you wish to sell on Oota Box. Detailed instructions about this is in our chef onboarding email that a chef receives on registration.


What is a custom request?

Ideally, when a customer visits Oota box he or she goes ahead and follows simple steps:
Select a city, select delivery area, add products (listed by chefs in that area) to the cart, checkout and place the order.

Quite often users don’t find the product they are looking for, in such cases they can create a custom request. By creating a request, they actually share their taste, preferences, location and what they are actually looking for. Read more



How long does a chef have to prepare the order?
All orders on Oota Box are pre-orders, most orders come with a 24hrs notice, some dishes that can be prepared quickly, will come with a 4hr notice. However its the chef’s choice to list products based on their preference.


Can I cook only on Weekdays / Weekends or select the days I want to cook?
All dishes listed by a chef on Oota Box can be set available as “Pre order on Weekdays” / “Pre order on Weekdays”. Currently we don’t have an option for chefs to select specifics days they wish to cook on, however this feature will be added in the future.


How is the food packed, does Oota Box supply packaging material / containers?
Chefs can choose to procure packaging material / containers on their own. However, we do have a standard that needs to be considered and maintained. Please write to us on support@ootabox.com to know the specifications. Please note that foil / paper / thermocol containers, plastic covers / pouches are not allowed


How can we decide the cost per dish?
Cost per dish will depend on your input cost in making that dish plus your service fee. Since its home cooked food, cost per dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner is expected to range between Rs.60-100, Rs.110-160 & Rs.110-160 respectively. The final Decision is yours.


Who delivers the food?
Depending on the plan you have opted for, we will arrange for the food to be picked up from the chef’s kitchen & deliver the food to the customer. However, in some cases, we will coordinate other pick up and delivery options. 
How will Oota Box help a chef get orders?
Promotions / Marketing campaigns run by Oota Box and its channel partners, high service quality, good food, word-of-mouth and a little bit of chef’s effort will help the chef get orders


By when will my profile go live?
The complete process for a chef profile to go live with their products listed in their area will be 7 to 10 working days. This completely depends on how quick the profile is completed by the chef and coordination with our chef on-boarding team.


Is there any contract that Chef’s need to sign?
A chef will have to acknowledge and accept our Chef Terms of Use as part of the registration process. A contract that governs terms & conditions such as commissions, payments cycle, acceptance of orders, on time food preparations and other terms will be given to the chef for careful understanding before signing.


Will someone visit my residence as part of the verification process?
Yes as part of the on-boarding process, our representative will fix an appointment with you to visit your location and complete the steps of basic inspection and verification.


When will a chef get their first order?
This depends on a lot of factors like the customer’s taste and preferences, the dishes listed by the chef, its availability, the pricing, ratings & reviews of the chef profile. As customers always look for good ratings & reviews before placing an order, participating in custom requests is the best way to build your profile.


What defines a “Meal”?
The food served and eaten in one sitting. Detailed information will be shared as part of the on-boarding process.


What defines a “Subscription”?
Food prepared chef on a daily basis and supplied to a customer that has purchased a subscription pack of 3 days, 5 days, 10 days, 20 days or custom subscriptions.


Is there a standard quantity that needs to be served?
Yes. Detailed information will be shared as part of the on-boarding process.


What does Oota Box charge for an Order?
Oota Box charges an Internet Handling / Lead generation fee of 10% to 15% (depending on the order type and price) w.e.f from Jan 8th 2018. This fee includes payment gateway charges and applicable government taxes. Please write to us on support@ootabox.com for any clarifications.


Where is the Oota Box office located?
Oota Box is designed, developed and conceptualized by OotaBox Services LLP having its head office in Bangalore, India.


How can I contact Oota Box?
You can always reach us on +91 91482 57709 MON – FRI 09:00 – 18:00 and send an email to support@ootabox.com for round the clock assistance.