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Put your cooking skills to good use and earn from the comfort of your home by getting on board with us.


5 Years and Counting

Oota Box is building a network of home chefs who would love to cook at home. Put your cooking skills to good use and earn from the comfort of your home by listing your kitchen on our platform and get discovered by customers around you.

You can use the platform to list your menu, pricing and other details. Customers will get in touch with you to place an order and either pick up the food or opt in for the delivery service, if you provide one.

Chef Registration

Share Your Culinary Skills and Build Your Food Business

Join the Oota Box Community of Home Chefs


5 Years and Counting

Welcome to Oota Box, the Home Cooked Food network of 8k+ homes, well-documented kitchens, and a community of talented chefs & bingers. We have partnered with home-makers in 70+ locations who love to cook & serve, and the food is prepared in their very own houses, with all the effort put in to make the food fresh, hot, healthy & hygienic, in a neatly packed meal box. Our customers can use the platform to find a chef around them, connect with them to place an order, and have the food either picked up or opt-in for the delivery service if the chef provides one.





Join a Trusted Network

Join our community of home chefs and share your culinary skills with food lovers in your community. Our platform is trusted by thousands of customers who are looking for delicious, homemade meals prepared by talented and passionate chefs like you. We have been featured in top publications such as The Economic Times, Your Story, and Deccan Herald, and our chefs have received rave reviews from satisfied customers.


Get the Resources and Support

There are many advantages to being a home chef on Oota Box. You can set your own menu and pricing, work on your own schedule, and showcase your unique culinary style to a wide audience. We provide all the resources and support you need to build your food business, including marketing and promotion, order management, and payment processing. Plus, you'll have access to a community of like-minded chefs and foodies who can provide advice and support.


Join the Oota Box Community

Join the Oota Box community of home chefs today and start sharing your culinary skills with the world. Sign-up is easy and free. Just click the button below to get started, and we’ll guide you through the rest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our FAQs to know more.

What can a registered chef do on Oota Box?

A chef can list dishes for purchase & receive custom requests in their respective city and area.

How can a chef choose the dishes/menu?

You can create a list of products that you wish to sell on Oota Box. Detailed instructions about this is in our chef onboarding email that a chef receives on registration.

What is a custom request?

A custom request is an enquiry that a user creates on our platform. 

By creating a custom request, the user shares their taste, preferences, location and what they are actually looking for.

How does a chef know there is a new request?

When a user in your area places a custom request, you will be notified on your registered email address with the request and contact details of the user. 

Can I cook only on Weekdays/Weekends or select the days I want to cook?

Yes. When you receive a custom request, you can choose to take it up or pass on it depending on your availability.

How can we decide the cost per dish?

Cost per dish will depend on your input cost in making that dish plus your service fee.  The final Decision is yours.

You can read our detailed article "A beginner’s guide to food cost analysis for a food business"

Who delivers the food?

Chefs will be responsible to coordinate with the customer directly for organizing delivery or pick up of the food in case of an order. 

How will Oota Box help a chef get customer?

Promotions/Marketing campaigns run by Oota Box and its channel partners, will help the chef get orders.

By when will my profile go live?

The complete process for a chef profile to go live with their products listed in their area will be 7 to 10 working days. This completely depends on how quick the profile is completed by the chef and coordination with our chef on-boarding team.

Is there any contract that Chef needs to sign?

A chef will have to acknowledge and accept our Chef Terms of Use as part of the registration process.

When will a chef get their first order?

This depends on a lot of factors like the customer’s taste and preferences, the dishes listed by the chef, its availability, the pricing, ratings & reviews of the chef profile. As customers always look for good ratings & reviews before placing an order, participating in custom requests is the best way to build your profile.

What does Oota Box charge for an Order?

w.e.f 30th July 2021 Oota Box will not be charging any fees for an order. Please write to us on for any clarifications.

How can I contact Oota Box?

You can always reach us at for round-the-clock assistance.


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