Haleem Recipe


The month of Ramadan is synonymous with Hyderabadi Haleem, nothing like a hot plate of it during Iftar following the day-long fast. On your request, we managed to source its recipe from one of our generous chefs. So here it is..cook, eat and share it with your loved ones. You will need: 1 ½ kilograms […]

Be a Food Ambassador on Oota Box

Food Ambassador

If you have ordered food from Oota Box and have a lot of friends and colleagues that you think could benefit from using Oota Box, here’s your chance to help them out. Get them to try out Oota Box with your referral code and avail a 10% off on their order and you will end […]

#SaturdaySpecial on Oota Box – Chicken Malabar Biryani & Mutton Paya

Biryani & Paya 15th April 2017

We figured most of our chefs have magical hands & some of the dishes we tasted totally blew our minds. These are the “must haves’ we don’t want you to miss. Oota Box will present you with such special combos every Saturday. Place your order and treat yourself with some hot & fresh home-cooked delicacies […]

Home-made Cakes & Desserts on Oota Box


We know that cakes make every joyous occasion special, why not make it extra special by giving it a bit of personal touch. The effort we put in to get it made like how our special ones want it, makes it mean a lot more than picking one up from the store. Here at Oota […]

Health & Fitness Food on Oota Box


Some of us are health freaks and hence we know the link between nutritional food and healthy weight. Especially people with specific fitness routines have special needs in diet. However, it’s not easy to prepare customized meals at home everyday. We are anyway well-known and loved for serving hot & healthy home-cooked food. But guess […]

Low calorie recipe – Thai Peanut Curry with Chickpeas


We all like to maintain our weight, and this becomes a growing need especially when we start to workout, hence to help you along the way we will now help you prepare the perfect diet along with Healthmania. An article by Anjali, a Board certified health coach will help you prepare the perfect low-calorie recipes, […]