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Home Cooked Food & Beverages at Office | Food at Office | Office Food Delivery

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Pick from our selection of handpicked home chefs

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Eat on your schedule – place a one-off order or plan the menu for a whole month

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Sit back and relax. We take care of the rest, and we’re always here if you need us

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Oota Box is a home-cooked food delivery service that partners with 1K+ home-makers in Bangalore who love to cook and serve from their own homes. Food from the chef’s kitchen is picked up and delivered to the office.Our chefs offer North Indian, South Indian, Jain and other cuisines to their customers.

Oota Box offers a comprehensive workplace food & beverage service solution that combines technology with a larger variety of fresh, healthy, delicious foods. We provide resources and services to increase wellness at work as well as provide incentives and rewards for desired behaviors.

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Daily meals that the company pays for in part or full for the employees. (Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks / Dinner & Beverages)

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In case employees organize their own food, they could order our meal packs for 3 / 5+ and customize based on their taste and preferences. Eg: 3 employees, want to food pool with a budget of Rs.150, our chefs customize options and the same is delivered as a one time order or on a daily basis.

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Our chefs whip up some great cakes, snacks and quick eats for employees for meetings, birthday parties and events.

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Employees will be able to provide feedback and rating for the food & beverages they consume and also rate the entire food experience

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Technology enabled cafeteria & food courts which saves a lot of employee time and hence increases employee productivity

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We provide wellness support for HR professionals to promote collective purchases and inspire employees by providing subsidies and rewards for eating healthier;

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Healthy home-cooked food

Home Food At Office

Home Food At Office

Healthy Home Cooked Food

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