Update to our services – 2nd August 2021

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Starting today we are making some changes to our service. Please follow our blog to keep track of some exciting features that we will be launching on the platform.

Delivery services: Past interactions with all our chefs have shown us that they are a super talented set of folks who drive their small business in every way possible. One of the key challenges they faced is the delivery of food when they receive an order. Based on the information and training provided by us, we’re happy to state that most of the chefs are comfortable with handling delivery on their own. With this in place, starting from 2nd August 2021, we as a service provider will not be handling delivery services and it will be directly coordinated by the chef and customer.

With this, customers can use the platform to find a chef around them, connect with them to place an order, and have the food either picked up or opt-in for the delivery service if the chef provides one.


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