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About Us.
APN masalas based out of Bangalore has been successfully giving joy to people by offering the traditional south Indian masala powders. Our masala powders will definitely give you the treat your taste buds were waiting all along. Our masala powders will engage you in all three meals a day.

In the age of fast food, we have started our journey in bringing back our age-old traditional taste with our wide range of masala powders

Our traditional recipe comes with the right combination of spices and other ingredients which is very rare to find elsewhere.

We don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients which go into preparation of masala powders. The combination of quality ingredients and our unique traditional recipes make our masala powders to give the best taste.

Masala powders from APN does not contain any preservatives and is completely natural which brings in the natural aroma of spices.

We understand the concerns of our customers in these times. We take all the required safety measures to ensure hygienic preparation of our masalas.

Our Products

  1. Chutney Powder/Podi

Ready to use with most of the breakfast items. For lunch and dinner, it can be had with plain rice add some ghee which will enrich the taste. Curd rice is one more item with which chutney powder will taste great. All of products don’t contain Onion or Garlic


We have Four variants of chutney powder

  •  Chutney powder – Mixed dhal: Our Flag ship product which is again Mixed dhal based recipe with the right combination of spices. This version comes with a richer flavour and can spice up your taste buds, best had with Idly, dosa and steam rice and not limited to the mentioned items. Our customers have relished this powder with few of their non-vegetarian dishes
  •    Chutney powder – Ground nut: Our signature product which is loved by our customers across different food preferences and regions. This is based on a ground nut-based recipe, with the right combination of spices taste buds will be given the treat they have been waiting for.
  •     Chutney powder – Fried grams  –  This flavour of chutney powder is also  often called as gun powder. This recipe i based on fried grams  and is of lower spice levels. Can be had with all break fast items and very popular among younger people.
  •  Chutney powder – Milgai – Traditional tamil nadu recipe based Milgai podi. Ideal for Idli and dosa . Best had by adding Oil or ghee to podi.


2.    Rasam Powder

Used in the preparation of great-tasting rasam. The most popular and convenient combinations hot rasam with rice, both for lunch and dinner. It can be a very good comfort food, especially in cold weather. A hot glass of rasam with our rasam powder will cheer you up any time. Rasam is one of the trademarks south Indian dishes which can also be had as a hot soup.

3 .Sambar Powder

Sambar with rice, dosa and idly are the most popular combination. Our sambar powder when added with dhal and vegetables gives the taste which one would relish. Dhal and vegetables one of the healthiest combinations will taste awesome with our samabar powder. APN Sambar powder makes healthy food tasty.



*We can cater to bulk orders at attractive price points.






1446,13th main,west of chord road 2nd stage
1446,13th main,west of chord road 2nd stage
1446,13th main,west of chord road 2nd stage
1446,13th main,west of chord road 2nd stage

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