Delicious food delivered to your office, from our network of 1k+ homes and documented kitchens, across Bangalore & other cities.

Saving your employees the stress of hurrying to an off-site restaurant is a great way to minimize the level of stress they experience on a daily basis. It is enough stress already for your employees to commute from their homes to the office and back every day, so saving them the additional stress of having to commute to an off-site restaurant and back to the office daily will do them the world of good.

Once you have the office cafeteria in place, the next challenge is how to get quality home made services delivered to your workers daily, and that’s where “Oota Box” Home Cooked Food Delivery service comes in. With Oota box, you needn’t worry about quality home cooked breakfast, lunch or dinner. With a variety of delicious, healthy meals you can be sure your employees will get the very best of quality home cooked foods that will help maximize your worker’s efficiency.

At “Oota Box,” quality and healthy food is our pride, and for that reason, we deliver freshly cooked meals on a daily basis. So, which is it going to be, “Oota Box” quality and healthy meals for your employees to help maximize their productivity? Or some greasy meals that could hinder their health and minimize their level of productivity?


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