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Like every other business set-up, you need to learn how to run a Tiffin business very well to make a gain.

Research to Pick an area of Speciality

You may opt to specialize in birthday parties, graduation parties or business dinners. You may opt to run a full-time/part-time Tiffin business for different offices in your locality.

The registration of your Tiffin business may be done at your regional office. The licenses required are FSSAI registration for all the chefs who wish to sell food. Please click & read point 6.

Requirements for starting a Tiffin business

Before you set your Tiffin business, ensure you know the marketplace rates. Also, consider your expenses and the gain margin you would like to achieve.

Why Tiffin Service business is Gaining Popularity

Tiffin support is needed in schools, offices and other institutions where folks are longing for homemade food. So, it is very vital for almost any Tiffin support to cater to the individual needs of the consumer and partner with a delivery service like Oota Box to be successful.

This business has been in existence for a long time. Also, it is notable in every city in India. All thanks to digital marketing(online marketing) that we have been able to create such a platform. The setup comprises of a chef creating homemade food for a particular number of people. Oota Box is a great platform, especially for home-makers passionate about cooking who will be considered among success stories in the future.

Those accountable for the timely delivery of the lunch box in the specific address are the logistic group of the Tiffin service. The transport mode selected depends on the distance to be covered and the fastest form of transportation.

Lunch Tiffin services are noteworthy in offices. This is because nearly all those that work in these offices love taking homemade food as it is always served hot.

Homemade food is nutritious, healthy and freshly prepared.  Also, homemade food is tasty and healthful.

Food business in India

Tiffin service owners are creating a quick and profitable business. A lot of folks working depend on these lunch boxes. This is because they would love to avoid eating other foods due to nutrition and hygiene problems.


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