How to create a culture of healthy eating at office?

healthy eating at office
People who eat well often, feel better and have more energy. Employees who try to follow healthy food habits, eat fresh and good nutrition foods also reduce their risk of illness. Creating a culture of healthy eating at office brings about a lot of positive changes in the way a organization functions.
These are some of the ways you can create a culture of healthy eating in your organization:
Set an Example: Leaders and decision makers can set a positive example. If employees see their managers making good decisions about the food they eat, employees may be more apt to follow suit.
Healthy Food Menu: Another way is to ensure the focus is more on healthy menu for team lunch, dinners and outbound activities. Perhaps, celebration time like birthday parties, team success, etc can also include healthy food menu.
Healthy Meetings: Any food ordered for meetings shall include healthy fresh food, instead of junks like burgers and pizzas.
Awareness on Healthy Eating: Help your employees realize the health risk which one may attract due to unhealthy food habits. Skipping meals and compromising on food that they eat, can cause more damage to the organization as well. Circulate newsletters and spread awareness on healthy eating habits. Share useful health tips and facts which would help your employees adopt the culture.

How is Oota Box helping organizations?

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