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Oota Box is a meal subscription service that delivers home cooked food for your family. Below are details on how much does home food delivery cost and the available plans on Oota Box.

As an Oota Box subscriber, you do not have to work so hard planning a weekly dinner menu in advance and dragging all the ingredients home from the store.

We handle everything with the home chef and the food is delivered to you. With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian available options, just about everybody should be pleased with the ever changing recipes and varied flavours our home chefs provide.

Whilst the service might cost more per person than comparable meals sourced from local outlets, if you are seeking to try some healthy home cooked food, Oota Box is definitely worth trying.

Subscriptions & Meal Plans

Oota Box offers 3 basic subscription plans: Roti & Curry plan, Rice & Curry Plan, 5/8 item Thali.

While you may choose to receive up to five meals per week in all our plans, you can request for delivery of food in the weekend as well. We also have plans to launch for the Family, so keep a watch out for future changes.

The Roti curry plan has 3 Rotis/Chapatis and a portion of Gravy. As of August 2019, the price for 5 meals per week is Rs.110 including delivery.

Home delivery

We currently have a tie-up with 3rd party delivery partners like Dunzo and others who take care of the delivery of the food.

How much does home food delivery cost?

Five meals per week will range between Rs.110 and Rs.160 per person per meal including delivery charges.

All our plans are distinctive in that you could customize your meals every week through your online account.

If you like surprises, the home chef is happy to choose your weekly meals for you. The Family Plan will provide a healthful, balanced meal for four people.

5 meals per week will start from Rs.270 including delivery. Delivery of the family meals will be one of the best Oota Box has to offer.

We also provide diabetic meal plans, you can read more here.

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