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Among many of the dishes offered by our chefs that make your taste buds go around the bend. From dal bhati to Iyengar thali. Here is our top three dishes for May.

Idli and Poddi

Idli is always a high time breakfast dish in the south India, usually dipping these steamed rice puffs in sambar or chutney. Nevertheless trying it with dry coconut poddi along with prepped tadka. Yes, this food will surely be a willful dish even in your dreams.

North Indian Thali

Every Individual from north to south of India know the north Indian meal. Unlike an usual restaurant type of a thali. On board chefs at Oota box provide an heavenly tasting curries that give a tangling feeling from your taste buds to your brain.

Dal Bhati

An authentic Rajasthan origin dish is made out of puree ghee.This sensational taste is achieved due to the ghee tadka. The Indian lentils are rich in iron which in turn helps in blood generation in our body. Every Lentil loving person will surely love the dish.

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