Create A Request


What is create a request?
As a user, when you don’t find a dish you’re looking for listed in your delivery area or for dishes that aren’t regularly listed, this is a great feature to get a perfect match in terms of taste, preferences and budget. Go ahead and create a request for your next home cooked dish or beverage using the below form ?

Your request will be shared with all the chefs in your delivery area. You’ll be able to place an order for the same from a participating chef based on the best matched taste, preferences and budget.

Sample Requests:

  1. Looking for a lunch subscription on a daily basis for 2 people on MG Road at ₹100 / pax
  2. Looking for a dinner subscription on a daily basis for one person in VivekNagar for both veg and non veg combinations.
  3. Looking for a Chef who can prepare burgers for 25 people for a birthday party in Indiranagar.
  4. Training Centre looking for lunch for 15 people with a custom menu in Vijayanagar.
  5. Looking for veg food supplied for staff of 32 people in HSR Layout.

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