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We sourced out the recipe of Crab Masala from a very renowned food blogger Ms. Prasanna.  So go ahead and try it out & do remember to let us how you like it!

Dish: Crab Masala
Prep time: 15 mins
Cook time: 20 mins
Total time: 35 mins
Yield: 2 Servings

5 Crabs,medium sized, cleaned
For Masala:
1 Onion,medium sized, long cut
4 No, Byadgi Chilis
1/2 Teaspoon, Carom Seeds
1 Teaspoon, Poppy Seeds
1/2 Teaspoon, Cumin Seeds
1 Teaspoon, Fennel Seeds
2 Blades, Mace
1 small piece, Nutmeg
1 Inch, Cinnamon Stick
2 Petals, Star Anise
4 cloves, Garlic
4 Tablespoons, Coriander seeds
4 Nos,Black Peppercorns
A fistful, fresh Grated Coconut
Oil: as required
1 Medium, Chopped Onion
1 Tablespoon, Malvani/Garam Masala
1 Teaspoon, Turmeric Powder
Gooseberry sized ball Tamarind
2 Sprigs, Finely Chopped Cilantro
Salt: as per taste

1. First, wash the crabs properly.
2. In a pan, add around 2 Tablespoons of Oil and fry all the ingredients mentioned for Masala.
3. Fry on medium flame till coconut and onion turn brown and it leaves nice aroma.
4. Let this cool off for some time.
5. When cooled grind it to a smooth paste.
6. Add little water while grinding.
7. In another pot, add crabs and chopped onion.
8. To this add little water, salt ,malvani masala,turmeric powder.
9. Let this cook till crabs change color and cooked.
10. Add the ground paste and stir and cook for some time.
11. Add cilantro and enjoy with roti or rice or pav!!

The spice level can be adjusted a per need.
Grind the paste to a very smooth paste.
Do not add too much water to cook the crabs.



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