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Food questions, contribute to the community, get in front of customers
Food questions, a new feature on Oota Box. Our community of chefs and bingers on Oota Box grows on a...
Create a Request on Oota Box
“Create a Request” a new feature added on Oota Box. Ideally when a user visits Oota box he...
Wellness Experts Registrations Open
Oota Box is building a network of wellness experts. Oota Box at Work users purchase food and beverages...
Eat local, Feel local
Eat local, Feel local is our latest addition to the services available to the Oota Box community! When...
Catering Services on Oota Box
We are launching a feature called "Catering Services" for users to put up party orders / bulk requests.
Request an Item or a Meal on Oota Box
We've added a new feature, Custom Requests, this allows a user to get a preferred item or meal cooked...

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